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ReLyfe is a new private network connecting any patient to any doctor, everywhere.

Activate your own interactive health profile

activate my health profile

Create a digital bridge with any doctor to get your medical data

Present your ReLyfe card or app to any doctor, you will be able to connect his device to your health profile instantly.
The doctor can access your medical history if you authorize him, even if he is not already on the ReLyfe network.
You can give the doctor an ephemeral access to upload prescription or any medical document generated on his computer.
prepare consultation & show my relyfe card

Manage all your
health data in one place

Real-Life Control
Complete your health profile throughout your healthcare pathway.
Lifetime Access
Save your health data forever & interact with the doctor of your choice, anywhere, anytime.
Simple Structuring
Structure your medical history, current treatments & any medical updates.
control my health pathway

Use your ReLyfe App wherever you are,
it's easy & secure

Multilingual & Universal
It works anywhere in the world.
In French & English for the moment, other languages will be available soon!
Secure your health
No more risk of losing my x-rays, medical files or test results, etc.
manage my health easily everywhere

In case of emergency,
my vital information are always at hand

My health profile provides emergency doctors with everything they need to know about my health. I get fast care and tailor-made treatment.
get my health card & protect myself

100% Patient ownership
100% Protected

Fully Anonymized - Private - Encrypted - Secure - Compliant
Abiding by the strictest data privacy standards, ReLyfe is protected by end-to-end encryption & user authentication rigorous protocols, including: anonymization, servers certifications, law compliance, HDS, CNIL, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc.

secure & own my medical data

Use ReLyfe on mobile

Managing Health Data has never been easier